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You have taken the first step by deciding to get your dual citizenship, so let’s get started.  We look forward to
being a part of your exciting journey back to your home roots.  Here are the services we offer:

Dual Irish Citizenship:  $312.00
We gather necessary vital records, review them for errors, complete all required forms, copy paperwork,
assemble all your required documents, and mail the package for you.  This includes obtaining a required
original Irish long-form birth certificate based on information you supply us.  Please note that we are at the
mercy of birth registries and cannot guarantee a record will be on file.  In these cases, it will be necessary to
obtain an original baptism from the parish in which the event occurred.

Please note:  Embassy fees are extra and not included in our pricing, though only domestic postage and
handling is included throughout the process.  In addition, we bill you for vital records fees.
We do all the running around for you and notify
you when the packet is sent to the Embassy for processing.  In addition, we do not handle census records.  All
you have to do is relax and wait for your dual citizenship to be delivered to your door.  This will be a very
emotional moment for you, just imagine the joy and pride you will feel!

Irish Passport:  $250.00
We assist you in every step necessary to provide the proper documentation to the Embassy for your Irish
passport.  We complete the application and assist you with the additional steps necessary to apply for your
Irish passport.

Customized Family Package:
Do you have other family members that are interested in applying for dual Irish citizenship?  We will assist you
in all areas of citizenship your family might need.  We are happy to consult with you to customize a package
designed just for you and your family.

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Just contact us and we will evaluate your eligibility for dual Irish citizenship.  Starting along the road to dual
citizenship is that simple.
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