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I can’t say enough about Dual Irish Citizenship by Quinn!!!!  I have tried to get dual citizenship for years, and they
were able to get it for me in months.  It was the easiest thing I have ever done with a government agency, because I
didn’t have to deal with them.    Thank You, thank you!
—Shannon Doyle, TX

When the FedEx man brought my mail, I signed for it and handed it to my husband, because I was sure it was for
him.  It was my dual Irish citizenship in only 6 months.  I was told it would take at least 18 months.  I can recommend
Dual Irish Citizenship by Quinn highly enough, they are wonderful!
—Kayla Clark, CA

I have wanted my Irish dual citizenship for so long that I almost gave up until I went with Dual Irish Citizenship by
Quinn.  They were the most efficient, helpful people, and they got results.  I now have my dual citizenship paper in my
—Boyd Miller, MA

Thank you so much for getting my dual citizenship for me.  I can’t believe I finally have it.
—Barbara Brady, IL

The folks at the Embassy in D.C. told me it could take two years to process my dual citizenship.  Working through
Dual Irish Citizenship by Quinn, I got it in just over six months.   Wow!  
—L. O’Malley, NY

I have never had any information about my family, but now I have it back to my great grandparents.  No one will
understand how wonderful this feels; it fills a void in my soul.  The research group is fabulous, one is nicknamed the
blood hound and for good reason.  The next step is dual citizenship.
—Ryan L., AZ

This is a dream come true for me.  I learned enough information about my Irish ancestors that Dual Irish Citizenship
by Quinn was able to get my dual citizenship for me.  This was such a smooth process.  I had heard that getting my
Irish citizenship would be a nightmare, not so with this great company!
—Maura K., PA